Tithes & Offerings Today:

The Significance of Giving To God

Our heavenly Father so very well understands your need. That’s why He gave you something easy to start the financial blessing cycle in your life. He called it the tithe. It is a lot easier to take ten percent of your income and give it to the storehouse, the temple treasury back then, so that there is provision to bless and serve the people with the Word of God.

The mature Christian goes further. When tithing diligence gives way to truly honoring God in one’s heart with their giving, they begin to enter the realm of the joyful heart, and being open to give even more as the Holy Spirit leads them. Now, what do you suppose God will do with that kind of heart? Much more. Much more prosperity and greater blessings flow to the one who determines they will honor God with their first fruits, not their leftovers. As you sow, you will reap.